The Tone is Yours

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At Lusithand Devices we are dedicated to bringing you the best bass guitar pre-amps and pedals. From our onboard Bass Filter pre-amps to our Bass Compressor pedal, to our new 4 Band EQ Jazzplate pre-amp, we place a lot of care and attention into the creation of all our products.

A funky looking 5 string bass, pimped with a lusithand devices pre-amp to boot.

These guys are happy with their new sound

(don’t be fooled by the hardened faces)

This device cracks right through the mix.

“The real gem here is the Lusithand NFP pre-amp. This filter knob is quite the treat. Pretty much does all your bass, mid and treble with one little knob.”

Brian with Beardly Customs

What a fantastic bit of gear this thing is!

“This Alma Bass Compressor levels out all of the peaks in my signal from my occasional heavy-handedness, but fully holds on to my tone, without discolouration!”

Mr. Spindley

So, curious about trying out a new feel for your instrument?

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