Single NFP

To use with any pickup type.

Our Filter preamps, unlike common EQ/Preamps, allow you to completely change the character sound of your pickups by shifting its signature resonant peak (character).

The single version of this Lowpass filter preamp can be used with single pickup instruments or as a single Filter that affects both pickups simultaneously, like a regular preamp.

The Filter potentiometers are push-pull to boost the resonant peak.

Instructions Manual


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The NFP is a filter pre-amp alike the ones seen on basses like the Alembic or Wal.

Being a Low Pass Filter, it lets all bass frequencies pass through up to 4 kHz where it forms a
resonant peak and starts cutting after that.

The potentiometer allows you to sweep the cutoff frequency(resonant peak), within a range of
150hz to 4 kHz, and you can boost the cutoff point by pulling up on the potentiometer’s switch

The NFP was designed to run between 9 and 27 volts and it has a power consumption of +-
2 mAh (@9v).


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