Double NFP Special

To use with multi-coil pickups (1 humbucker per string coil configuration), the Double NFP-Special has dedicated inputs to accommodate this type of pickup and together, they closely simulate Wal MK electronics.

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!!No active/passive switching or coil taping is possible with this pickup/preamp combination!!

Our Filter preamps, unlike common EQ/Preamps, allow you to completely change the character sound of your pickups by shifting its signature resonant peak. This, plus the ability to actively mix them, gives you a full new level of exciting tones not available on regular EQ preamps.

Expect a strong defined sound, with string-to-string separation and definition, as well as all the versatility and punch the NFP filter line is known for.

This preamp and pickup type, combined, closely simulates Wal Mk’s electronics.

((You can use this with our 6.35mm Lusithand Knobs))

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The Double NFP-Special preamp is an evolution of the Double NFP but designed specifically for Multicoil pickups that benefit from a “one humbucker per string” coil wiring, simulating Wal MK electronics. The idea is to get a full Humbucker pickup with one pair of coils per string combining them electronically for minimum loading effect and string isolation. This method of mixing the coils brings maximum output, clarity, and punch out of the pickups without any adverse loading effects.

The filter controls have now been updated with a sweepable resonant peak that ranges from 100hz to 4 kHz on the Neck and 200Hz to 4kHz on the Bridge. You can also boost the cutoff frequency(resonant peak) by pulling up the potentiometer.

It offers 6x inputs so that you can wire any multi-coil pickup up to 6 strings.

Sweepable filters Range – Neck: 100hz to 4khz; Bridge: 240Hz to 4kHz.

Resonant Peak– +3db standard/ +6db boosted

Voltage operation– 9v to 27vDC

Current Draw– +-6mAh (@9v)

Filter boards x2: W: 4,4cm; H: 2,6cm; D: 1,7cm Blend board x1: W:3.2cm; H: 2.2cm; D: 1.3cm
Potentiometers: Hole size is 6 mm and bush height is 10mm. (to be used with 6.35mm knobs)

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