Single NFP Special

For single pickup instruments, it consists of 1x Single NFP-Special filter board and 1x Master Volume potentiometer (not shown in the pictures).

Our Filter preamps, unlike common EQ/Preamps, allow you to completely change the character sound of your pickups by shifting its signature resonant peak (character).

To use with multi-coil pickups (1 humbucker per string coil configuration), the Single NFP-Special has dedicated inputs to accommodate this type of pickup. Check Herrick Pickups and Turner Pickups to find your match.

!!No active/passive switching or coil taping is possible with this pickups/preamp combination!!

Expect a strong defined sound, with string-to-string separation and definition, as well as all the versatility and punch the NFP filter line is known for.

This preamp and pickup type, combined, closely simulates Wal Mk’s electronics.

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The NFP-Special preamp is designed specifically for Multicoil pickups that benefit from a “one humbucker per string” type of wiring.

This method of electronically mixing the coils brings maximum output, clarity and punch out of the pickups without any adverse loading effects. The pickup then goes through the tonal enhancer part of the circuit, the NFP, where the filter preamp works its magic.

The Sweepable frequency has a resonant peak that ranges between 150hz and 4 khz which can be boosted by pulling-up on the potentiometer.

The NFP-Special can run from 9 to 27 volts and it has a current draw of +- 2.5 mAh. It provides 6x inputs so that you can wire any multicoil pickup up to 6 strings.

Board Dimensions: W-4.3cm H-2.5cm D-1.8cm

Current Draw: 2.5mAh

All our preamps are solderless

Warranty and Conditions

Any of our products will be replaced / fixed and all expenses will be covered once it has been verified that the problem isn’t a result of bad handling or negligence on the owner’s part.

If the damage is due to negligence or wrong handling, the warranty is lost and a cost can occur for the devices repair (the shipping costs will not be covered in such cases).

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