Double NFP

Our Filter preamps, unlike common EQ/Preamps, allow you to completely change the character sound of your pickups by shifting its signature resonant peak. This, plus the ability to actively mix them, gives you a full new level of exciting tones not available on regular EQ preamps.

If you’re tired of the typical band equalizer preamps, our Double NFP filter preamp consists of two Resonant Peak filters, one for each pickup, that will totally flip your Bass game around.

You can set the filters to very different frequencies and mix them together using the active Blend control to achieve unique and personalized tones that regular preamps wouldn’t allow.

Sweepable Filters Range: Neck: 100hz to 4khz; Bridge: 240hz to 4khz

Resonant Peak (Q) +3db standard/ +6db (boosted)

Operation 9 to 27volts

Current Draw +- 4.5 mAh


Filter boards x2: W: 3.3cm; H: 2.3cm; D: 1.7cm
Potentiometers: Hole size is 6.35mm, and bush height is 10mm. (to be used with 6.35mm knobs)

((You can use this with our 6.35mm Lusithand Knobs))

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The Double NFP is a filter-based preamp alike the ones seen on basses like Alembic and Wal.

It features one filter per pickup, offering more tone-shaping options, that are actively mixed through the pan/blend potentiometer and into a Master volume potentiometer.

Being a low pass filter, it lets all bass frequencies pass through up to 4Khz where it starts cutting. The cut-off point has a resonant peak that can be boosted by pulling up the potentiometer.

Each Filter potentiometer also allows you to sweep the cut-off point(resonant peak) within a range of 100Hz to 4 khz on the Neck and 220hz to 4khz on the Bridge.

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